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Looking for a professional, proven, HUMAN SEO content writer?

Right here. Search over.

If you’re after the kind of warm, engaging content that keeps people reading, bumps your page right up the search engine and gets you those hard-earned clicks, you’re in the right place.

As a professional brand copywriter with over ten years of freelance SEO web content writing, I’m your guy. If you need it, the proof is in countless brands I’ve done this for already. Brands of every size, from banks, universities and health insurers to nationwide printers and fencing companies to small ecommerce businesses that sell menstrual cups. Makes me weirdly good at pub trivia and gives me a solid base to work in just about every niche.

My SEO content is no AI-generated, fake-sounding, generic fluff that most readers can now easily identify. No shade on tools like ChatGPT, and sure, they’re only getting better — but right now, as content that simply makes a best guess at averaging other, existing content — it’s simply not very good.

I’m a web content writer that understands human desires and emotions. Tailored to your business, but more importantly, tailored to your audience. Because speaking their language is ultimately what gets you conversions, makes them think about your specific offer and compels them to pull out their credit cards. Blissfully, the robots aren’t great at that yet. To be fair, most people aren’t either.

Essentially, it means using words to present what you do in the best possible way, building your business’s trust and credibility in a way only a professional content writer can.

Why use a freelance content writer?

When you need it turned around fast. When you want quality every time. When you don’t want to go through the hassle of onboarding a new hire only for them to leave after probation because they’ve had a better offer. No worries, just send it to me.

As a freelance SEO content writer, my rates and timings are transparent, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Most importantly, you get that invaluable, reassuring trust you can only find when you work with a professional who gets it. No endless back-and-forth, misinterpreted briefs, or a wildly inappropriate tone of voice. Think of me as a last stop-shop.

How my SEO content writing works

Simple. You give me keywords, and I generate purpose-built content for your webpage. All I need to know are your objectives and your business — tell me what you want to do, and I’ll deliver content that does it. 

SEO content is an art form (I know, controversial). Here’s why: the internet is filled with generic, AI-generated crap that ruins the search experience for users and in fact makes them want to do anything other than stay on your website. If you’ve used Google recently, I probably don’t need to tell you this. 

Real, quality SEO content weaves keywords through seamlessly, organically, interestingly. Because it’s solving a real problem for the reader; whether that’s helping them be better informed about a purchase, giving them the perfect product for a specific need, or offering a service that looks like it will bring value to their lives. It’s subtle in execution, just not in results. 

I also include semantic keywords, so similar search queries, and metadata, to maximise the effectiveness of your web content. No keyword stuffing (hello, it’s no longer 2012), no misleading keyword targeting (no one is going to accidentally realise they really meant to search your clearly unrelated product), no naughty blackhat tactics that end up just annoying your audience (ever tried to read a recipe and had to sift through a manuscript on the cook’s personal philosophies? Nobody cares).

What about keywords?

Keyword generation requires specific tools and, generally, a dedicated SEO IT business, not to mention hours upon hours of strategising and research. So, it’s easier if you bring your chosen keywords to me, but if not, reach out and I can put you in touch with one of my super special trusted contacts.

My rates

How frustrating are intentionally vague service providers that want you to fill out an email or a contact form before they’ll give you a price? Answer: Very. 

I cost:

  • $125 an hour

Content pages (with keywords provided) cost:

  • $125 per 400 words

  • $150 per 600 words

  • $200 per 1000 words

For more, read the Ben Ashley Creative Info Pack.

Still reading?

I mean, that’s a good sign. I can do this for your readers too. You’ve got prices and now you know about me, so let’s chat about what you do.


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