​So, 2020, huh? One thing the year of pivots, remote work and over 100 new Netflix series has made abundantly clear is the importance of standing out in the digital clutter.

You need impactful, human-centred content that gets you noticed by the world.

That's where I come in.

Hi. I make content.

How does your brand communicate? Having the right voice is paramount to engaging your audience, and can prevent cringeworthy, tonedeaf content from ending up on /r/FellowKids.
Understanding your readers makes all the difference in building brand trust. As a professional copywriter, I provide:

  • SEO web and landing pages

  • Feature articles

  • Professional editing

  • Blog/social media posts

  • CV tailoring

  • Product reviews


You could be selling pet unicorns and ideology-free sneakers, but it won’t mean anything if no-one knows about your business. Digital marketing can shine the light on your brand and optimise your content for the search engine giants. Be seen with:

  • Comprehensive full site SEO

  • Search engine marketing (Google Ads)

  • Social media campaigns (FB, Insta, LinkedIn)

  • SEO analysis (competitors, market, trends)

Digital Marketing
Digital Content.

Content, content, content. You need a modern presence that doesn’t have people closing their browsers in terror. If it's time to get with the times, drop us a line. We can provide:


  • Complete web design (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace)

  • Logo & graphic design

  • Document & collateral design

  • Custom-made high-quality audio and music

  • Professional photography


"Ben has done outstanding work with our website and SEO. He took a lot of time and care to ensure he understood the values of our clinic, and conveyed these beautifully in his copy on our site. Ben identified and clearly explained the gaps in our marketing process in a thorough report, and worked hard to move our internet presence up the Google ranks. He has bought new business to the clinic and provided a high level of customer service to the team, organising a photographer for us and coordinating all aspects of website creation. Thank you, Ben!"

- Jackie, Subiaco Speech Pathology Services


I am a copywriter and journalist and have zero affiliation with Joe Exotic. 


 I’ve written for literally hundreds of businesses, using communication to build rapport, relationships, and revenue. 

As what some may describe as 'chronically indecisive', I have a diverse range of skills built up from a varied career, including writing, design, digital marketing, audio engineering, and recognising obscure actors without IMDb.


I've got a BA in Mass Communication, a bunch of marketing certs, a diploma of Sound Production, and an alarming number of beard grooming products.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

About Me.
Risin' up, back on the street 🎵


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